Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How To Improve Our Blog Traffic Best And Easy Methods

How To Improve Our Blog Traffic Best And Easy Methods
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 Most of we needed that to improve our blog get traffic. So we have several methods to get traffic. , one of the solution is to make your content less and including styling and coloring (if we want to do so) the text so it’s easy to read and this method will attract the readers and can hold their attention, this will increase our traffic in blog post. It's easy to build a blog, but it is too hard to develop our traffic in blog post. In blog writting we wanted to write simply and meaningful sentences to read the viewers to get high traffic.
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Sharing in social medias like Facebook,twitter,google+,linked in etc. by sharing in these social medias we can increase our blog traffic by seeing the blog by our followers. Use hash tags, searches and those you follow to find interesting conversations and content and jump in Social network. we create another traffic source for yourself via Image Search, and often massively improve the engagement and enjoyment of our visitors. Guest blogging is a good way to spread our brand to new folks who have never seen our work before, and it can be useful in earning early links and references back to our site, which will drive direct traffic and help your search rankings. These are the few method to increase our blog traffic.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Hire Professional SEO Experts- SoftLoom IT Solutions

Hire Professional SEO Experts- SoftLoom IT Solutions

SoftLoom IT Solutions
Looking for hiring SEO experts , SoftLoom IT Solutions is having thier latest batch of SEO experts passing out who has been well trained with live projects and theory classes from highly qualified team of SEO trainers. Our SEO experts will help your company in increasing your online visibility and get more benefits.

Our students have been trained to use the latest techniques that will update new Google algorithm changes, our SEO experts will make an impact online and amplify your marketing research to your potential clients in all forms of internet marketing platforms after studying the nature of your business and customer persona.

As SooftLoom IT Solutions has been ranked the best SEO training providers in Kerala , selecting SEO experts from us will be of good help to you company for its growth.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

How To Do Content Audit ? - SoftLoom IT Solutions Kerala

How To Do Content Audit  

content audit

Content writing is the main part of SEO and it is the king of SEO. This post explain How to do Content Audit. A content audit is meant to bring more performance, more quality, and better rankings and conversions to the content published on your website. It helps to determine whether your website content is relevant to not only your brand goals and marketing objectives. The content audit have three important phases such as inventory, analysis and summary reports. This post includes step -by-step guide to content audit. If you know more about content audit please click below link.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Scope of Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry


Scope of  Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry

The Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry includes promoting,advanced understanding and shopper needs in medicinal services. The Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry is increasing day by day. Now a days majority of customers swing to the web first for answers to health questions. With the help of Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry patient needs are recognized in a very efficient manner. Local Advertising also plays an important role in Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry.

To know more about Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry please click the below link
Scope of Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare Industry

Friday, 13 April 2018

Social Media Marketing Platforms - Softloom IT Solution


Every Social Media Marketing platforms have its own pros and cons. Social Marketing strategies are different on different platforms. It depends on the way one gets to know more about that particular platform.

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Social Media Marketing Platforms

Every Social Media Marketing platforms would have a lot of things to be looked into. Based on the number of active users and the trends happening in that particular platform would ensure you to promote your business well.

Understanding the strategies about every platform becomes highly essential before investing in any of the Social Media Marketing promotions.


With the number of users available on Facebook, there is a lot of scopes to promote a business. However, with so many people sometimes, Facebook promotions may not yield results as expected. This could be because of lack of concentration in understanding the specifications of a particular platform.


Facebook is one of the best platforms when you understand the timings of the post, the demographics and also the option that you use to attract the right set of audience. Selecting the right content for the caption is very important along with the hashtags.


Understanding the latest trends that are happening on Twitter is very important to get the attention of people. Building followers on Twitter become highly essential. The moment you have followers on Twitter, you would be able to get attention to the posts as well.


It also depends on the country, the kind of posts that you are sharing on twitter which would result in good business. Twitter is for intellectuals hence, posting on Twitter has to be crisp and effective and this would help you to grow the business.


What you share on Instagram is what matters and since Instagram is a mobile-friendly application, you need to first understand the essence of your business. You should also remember that in Instagram, more than the content it is the picture that plays an important role.


It is also important to add the relevant hashtag on Instagram and by tagging the right kind of influencers you would be able to promote your ads well. Content is equally important too because most of them would also be interested in the kind of ads that you are promoting.



Youtube is one of the major players when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Promoting your business in the form of ads on Youtube channel can convert a lot of leads into business. A lot of people use Youtube hence, it is one of the most popular Social Media Marketing tools.


when you have good images, Pinterest is one of the best platforms to market your business. Pinterest is also known to have a lot of women users hence; if your business is related to women then this can be one of the best platforms to promote your business.

Understanding the business you are into becomes very essential and that would enable you to choose the right kind of ad promotions and the Social Media platforms.

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Friday, 6 April 2018

E-Commerce PPC Management - SoftLoom IT Solutions

Want to increase traffic to your website instantly? Softloom IT Solutions provide the best 
E-Commerce PPC Management Services in India.
eCommerce ppc management
SEO is not the only way to list your product on a top rank. PPC is the right way to do that. It is cost effective advertising technique. You have to pay only if the client clicks on your ad.  

PPC is a demand-based method of advertising. The advertisers select some keywords that the users are expected to search on the website. When the user searches for that keyword, the pay-per-click ads will be displayed. The advertiser pays for the clicks that users made on the advertisement. PPC ads increase traffic on your website and thereby business.

E-Commerce PPC Management - SoftLoom IT Solutions 

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Best Off-page SEO strategies to Build Your Online Reputation

Best Off-page SEO strategies to Build Your Online Reputation

Off-page SEO plays an important role in the website ranking. Off-page SEO  increase in website ranking and page rank. For the increase in website ranking, recommendation link building is the best off-page activity. popular off-page SEO strategies are social media engagement, directory submission, article submission, forum posting, PR submission, social bookmarking etc.